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'You might ask yourself, if not now, when is the right time'?

Why Choose a Self-Compassion Course with Me?

My aim on all the self-compassion courses is to work with you so you become kinder to yourself and let go of behaviours that are no longer helpful and may even be doing more harm than good.

If some of the below resonates with you, then the first 2 courses listed have been designed with you in mind.

  • You have been on and off diets for as long as you can remember.
  • You think the answer is to have a better relationship with food, it isn’t.
  • You also think that if you tried harder, found the right diet or the newest way of eating all will change. If this hasn’t worked yet, then it probably isn’t going to.
  • Your weight has gone up and down, with more up eventually following the down.
  • You talk to yourself in ways you would never talk to anyone else nor would you tolerate anyone talking to you that way.
  • You either ignore your body or are mean to it.
  • Deciding what to eat is pretty much the first thing you think about every day.
  • When you are about to go on the scales your heart rate goes up.
  • In almost every other area of your life you are creative, innovative, resourceful, emotionally intelligent, resilient and flexible in your behaviours, and if something isn’t working, you do something else instead. This only adds to your frustration as to why when it comes to weight, food and dieting, it can feel as if you are taking one step forward and another one back.

You might ask yourself, if not now, when is the right time now, to give yourself a break, pause and begin to explore and be curious about what needs to change so you can begin to really nourish yourself from the inside out?

Imagine having your own toolkit to use daily which enables you to become more curious and creative in exploring and discovering how to nourish yourself with kindness from the inside out and become slimmer, happier and healthier in all areas of your life.

The following courses have been designed with that in mind.

Change the Way You Diet Discovery Day

This is for you if you have been dieting on and off for a long time and are curious about exploring how else you can achieve your goals. You may have been dieting for so long, it’s become a habit and one that isn’t actually achieving what you want.

 In a small group, I will coach you so you begin to:

Understand why diets tend not to work in the long term and how it’s not your fault and you don’t need more willpower.

Reflect and gain clarity on what you really want and begin to plan a way forward

Explore how practising self-compassion can become your personal magic wand.

Following on from the discovery day you can continue on to the 5-week self-compassion diet coaching course, details below.

Cost: £145 including lunch and all refreshments

For more information contact Helen:

Contact Me:
t: 020 8449 9744
m: 0776 7600138


Self-compassion Diet Coaching Course

We will work together either face to face, on skype or in a group and you will:

Learn how to become your own best friend

Understand why diets don’t work and explore different solutions.

Discover how to nourish yourself with kindness

Become more creative in managing the stress in your life

Explore how to become more resilient

For more information contact Helen:

Contact Me:
t: 020 8449 9744
m: 0776 7600138


Brilliant time at ``Change The Way You Diet Discovery Day`` with compassionate, thoughtful coaching. Small steps to start to put into practice. Will be coming back for more.