"Helen is truly the best coach I know"...

What People Say About Me

A selection of the wonderful feedback I’ve earned over the years.

There are lots of coaches, but few that are really good. Helen Golstein is one of the few, which is why I feel so confident in recommending her.

Paul McKenna, DPhil

I was able to question many of my thoughts and beliefs and have since developed a stronger me - all the while showing compassion and kindness to myself


As soon as I met Helen I liked her. Call it intuition. Working with her has taught me so many things including how to be kind to myself which is a very powerful tool. My stress levels have dropped considerably, I understand my thought process and also understand a lot about change. If you are considering speaking with Helen I urge you to make an appointment you won’t be disappointed.


Thank you Helen for an inspiring and productive workshop today! I learnt loads and am grateful for your sincere compassion and kindness, combined with simple techniques to set and achieve goals aligned with my personal values. I’m excited to start planning first thing tomorrow morning!


Words cannot do justice to describe the 'experience' of working with Helen. From the minute I walked through the door, I felt 'safe', supported and a genuine compassion in helping me identify and resolve my 'issue'. Very quickly, she managed to route out the real sticking point in my life and help me relate to it in a more positive way. One of the techniques she used with me was like 'magic' in changing the way I saw a very difficult situation in my life. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen 100%...when you need that bit of support and independent help, this is the best investment you can make in your life.<br />


Brilliant time at ``Change The Way You Diet Discovery Day`` with compassionate, thoughtful coaching. Small steps to start to put into practice. Will be coming back for more.


Helen is truly the best coach I know. She’s compassionate, caring and gets the job done. She has been my rock over the years - my go-to person and subsequently I have referred many clients to her who have all been thrilled with their success. When only the best will do - Helen is the one to see


I found Helens unique talent of truly listening, understanding and asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter amazing, even magical. I have committed to the goals I set for myself and achieved what i wanted to do. I know without Helen’s input this would not have happened.


I was able to question many of my thoughts and beliefs and have since developed a stronger me - all the while showing compassion and kindness to myself

Amrit K Theochacourus

If you are looking for a coach - look no further. Helen is amazing. I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wise and insightful, empathetic and supportive coach who is so knowledgable and able to help with any issue. I loved every minute of my time with her. She is so warm, caring and truly wonderful.


Helen is an incredible lady, she is warm, caring and highly skilled in what she does. I took my son to see her as he had a very deep seated fear which had become increasingly difficult to manage. The transformation in my son in just one session was incredible, she gave him the tools to overcome his fear and in doing so gave him back his confidence. I really can't thank her enough.


My session with Helen Golstein was mindblowing. She is an amazing therapist and human being. When I saw her I was emotionally stuck with a particular episode in my youth, she turned it around without me realising. I felt so well after the session but it was only when I noticed the shift that I fully realised the impact of my session, a massive release and joy filled my heart. I can honestly say that now past belongs to past.<br /> Highly recommended.


If you're feeling stuck, broken, dicombobulated or just a bit meh, then Helen is your woman. A magical mixture of empathetic ear and kick-ass coach Helen is wise, funny, so so clever and just amazing at helping people get unstuck. This world is a far better place for Helen being in it. Sounds cheesy, but so true. I would recommend Helen to anyone (and have ... often).