One-to-One Coaching

"Coaching affords you the time and space to reflect and remove the barriers that have been in your way"...

Why Choose One-to-One Coaching?

You may already know what has motivated you to explore self-compassion coaching, or you may simply be curious and both are equally brilliant starting places for your coaching.

My coaching is underpinned with self-compassion for a number of really important reasons, such as:

  • Increasing your well-being
  • Helping you manage your setbacks, failures and disappointments more resourcefully so you learn from them, as opposed to simply beating yourself up
  • Lowering levels of stress which then enables you to be more creative, calmer and happier
  • Teaching you to be kinder and less critical to yourself
  • Learning to become more mindful and live in the present

Regardless of the change you desire, the structure of coaching remains the same.  My belief that you are the best person to know what the possible solutions for you remains steadfast.

I use my unique blend of Positive Psychology, NLP and Coaching to ensure that you develop a curious, creative and compassionate way of thinking so you are able to achieve your desired outcomes.

I know that when you are the creator of your own goals and they truly reflect what you want and need, they are sustainable and authentic.

What Does One-to-One Self-Compassion Coaching Look Like?

Imagine having a conversation, that is all about you; what you think, feel, imagine, desire, want to be?

Imagine that that conversation explores all the ideas, beliefs and stories that create your world, and where necessary offers you space and time to let go of and change the ones that, whilst useful once, are now preventing you from living your good life.

My role in this conversation is to enable you to hear your own voice, to discover what you really want and be fully present in the discovery process. By listening and asking you questions, I guide you to see, hear and feel things that were always present but as the saying goes, we often can’t see the wood for the trees.

Planning and taking action are an important part of coaching, being prepared to explore and experiment with new behaviours, whilst at the same time remembering to live in the present.

Often we know what we want but are held back in ways that become much clearer when committed to being curious and committed to experimenting with new ideas, thoughts and behaviours.

Coaching affords you the time and space to reflect and remove the barriers that have been in your way.

So often we are bogged down in all the shoulds, being and doing what we think others want and need us to be and spending more time on attending to others needs than our own.

It can become all too easy for your own voice to become crowded out, in conversation with me you will hear your own voice and begin to live a life that reflects what is most important to you, becoming more fulfilled and happier.

I look forward to hearing from you in any of the ways shared below and we can then talk in more detail about how we would work together to make sure I’m the coach you need.

Self-Compassion Diet Coaching Sessions

This is a 5-week programme for those want to explore how to begin to nourish themselves differently and let go of dieting. You will discover why diets don’t work and what will.

Self Compassion Coaching for Authentic Change

We begin with an initial two-hour session and from there we go on to create a bespoke plan for you depending on the changes you are focusing on. Most clients would go on to have a further four one-hour sessions.

The kind of changes might be:

  • Creating healthier relationships
  • Stop smoking
  • Phobias and fears
  • Stress Management
  • Improve Confidence
  • Public speaking and presentation
  • Effective Communications
  • Becoming more confident and assertive in your life
I went to see Helen a few years ago when I was really stuck. I had been a stay at home mum with twins for years and had lost confidence in myself to make the right decision about what to do next. Helen helped me regain focus and talked through all of the ideas I had rattling around in my head that I couldn't grab on to and form into action. I ended up re-training to become a personal trainer, as exercise has always been a passion of mine. After my course, I had a wobble about getting started, so I had another session for a kick up the bum.Now I run my own PT business and am building it up at a comfortable pace. I'm so glad she helped me out of my rut and that I'm not miserable sitting in an office job that I hate! If you need someone to help quiet those annoying inner voices and help give you perspective on how things CAN be better in your life, I highly can highly recommend a few sessions with Helen!

Suzanna Laporta